Reseaux Bio


Conceive an application that will connect local biomarkers with consumers. Applying a Human-computer centered design approach: Research, Analysis, Ideation, Test and Iteration.


ReseauxBio is a concept. An app idea done during my studies of Human Computer Interaction at Polytechnique. ReseauxBio is a community of people and local farmers that love to eat healthy and organic; And that want to avoid intermediates and communicate directly. This project was a team work with Hélène Drouin at the time a student at Polytechnique de Montreal



Understand users needs and get to know the users and their context. I did some interviews to local farmers and people that will be interested in an application like ReseauxBio. They loved the idea of an app where we could sell their products. Existing organisms charge a high % to allow local farmers to sell their products.


Once we Understood the context and got to know better our users (Farmers and people). We define the app specifications, functional definition (E-commerce app). Define the product and his environment, the flow model, and the user requirements.


An important piece of the user requirements is the personas creation. The personas help us to narrow the solution and understand better what our users want. Obviously, the personas creation is based on our interviews! Also creating scenarios with the personas allow us to imagine the use of our application.



Once we have a clear idea of the product, the context, the users and the different tasks that the user needs to achieve; We were able to start sketching. We focus on the login and purchase flow.


After brainstorming and sketching with my colleague, we start an Axure prototype to test our login and purchase flow with real users and get feedback.


After having a clear target, a clear scenario and flow. We run a test. We gave the scenario to the user and asked him to achieve the tasks highlighted in the scenario. We asked the user to speak aloud and gave us his feedback while doing the test. Nice inputs came up.



Change filters at the top: three blue buttons at the top. The filters are easier to find and more intuitive for the user.

Confirmation messages on the screen informing the user what is going on while interacting with the app. Example: Confirmation message that product had been added successfully

Instruction messages in text field that disappear when typing the email and password

We make more clear the icon (+) adding a quick add next to it

We added the price of each product. Like this, the user knows at first view the price of the items. To know the price the user doesn’t need to go to the details' product page anymore