Hello! My name is Isabel, I'm a UX/UI Designer

I have 10 years of experience creating software and interactive interfaces. I enjoy simplifying complex processes for people and make them as intuitive as possible. My background in design and technology and my knowledge of human computer interaction allows me to apply a human centered design approach to any kind of interactive system.

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I help people and businesses create beautiful and useful interfaces and software, as well as their visual identity. Having a double profile designer/web integrator, it allows me to know the technical specifications of the web and allows me to better understand how technology works.

Over the last few years I've been using a user centered design approach, in order to improve the user experience and usability of the web and mobile applications.

My expertise is: user interface design (UI), web design, visual identity, web integration, user experience (UX), interaction design, website usability and architecture information (AI).



ux design

Design is more than beauty; I work with a user centered design approach, to make sure the product talks to its audience and fills their needs by developing interfaces that are efficient, useful, usable and accessible. Understanding users and business needs are essential for any software conception.

Ui design

Over more than 9 years working in the field of technology and creation. I work to create easy to use, beautiful and desirable interfaces. I help during the entire process of a software project creation: conception, production and feedback.

Visual design

I create images to communicate as well as represent ideas and emotions. I use this ability to help companies with their corporate and visual identity and branding support material


Some of my latest works are confidential and can be shown only in person.


Henry Voyer

President Tainos.Inc

Isabel has been helping us design the usability and look and feel of our mobile project. Her designs are meticulously crafted, simple, beautiful and very easy to use; And for the record, her documentations are the best I have seen in a long time.

Caroline Bélair

Principal Advisor at Desjarins

I had the chance to work with Isabel during her contract at Desjardins. Isabel is an excellent UX designer who knows how to very quickly identify customer and user issues. She does not hesitate to propose creative solutions and uses agile methodology to propose new concepts.

Hakan Kilic

Senior Director at AppDirect

Isabel is a great UX Designer, and was part of my team building out web based SaaS applications. She was a real champion in bringing in User Centric Design thinking, and conducted all of our user testing and design workshops, as well as working closely with product on design reviews. I'd work with her again.

Adeline Sicot

Product Owner

Working with Isabel is a real pleasure, she has a strong creative spirit and understands very quickly what the marketing team needs from her. Not only is she energetic and offers adapted solutions and high-quality designs in no time. She is also a great colleague and a happy person. I would highly recommend Isabel for any design work.


Founder Seve4n

Isabel is a hard working, creative and recursive UX designer. She helped us in the development of our products and projects for our clients. It was rewarding to discuss ideas of the projects and products with her.